CS 1.6 Minecraft Edition

cs 1.6 minecraft

This page will let you download CS 1.6 Minecraft Free - one of the most fresh and popular versions of Counter-Strike that bases its design fully on well-known awesome game we all know and love: Minecraft. It may become an endless discussion which of the games CS or MC is more popular but let's just aknoweledge that they are both legendary and people enjoy them equaly for their amazing qualities. Well, now we have a hybrid of the two. Is it a good idea? Let's find out.

First of all, let's look at what CS 1.6 Minecraft has to offer. The main menu has quite an epic redesign and brings the minecraft atmosphere from the very start along with a great color scheme and original MC soundtrack. After entering a server the first thing we notice is the diamond pickaxe that replaces the knife. All other weapons are the same, however hands carry a minecraft theme and look quite nice. Of course the textures of the standard maps were also changed and now we can see MC blocks all around along with other textures like grass, wood and much more.

For online play, there are hundreds of different servers from all around the world, so just pick your region in filter and you will receive the best possible gaming experience just for you. We also recommend sorting the list by ping so that you will find the best suitable servers without any lag. CS 1.6 Minecraft carries the most powerful client protection mechanism which makes this CS 1.6 is fully protected, so you don't have to be afraid entering an unknown server, but we still suggest for you to only join servers inside the server browser and have fun playing minecraft

Counter Strike 1.6 Minecraft Features

CS 1.6 Minecraft is a unique build that was created for all fans of the legendary game. Models of players and weapons are made in the style of Minecraft. The game client is fully translated into Russian, which in addition to everything makes it the minecraft map, and minecraft skins as well as set a desire minecraft nickname.

  • Minecraft design
  • Minecraft Skins
  • Minecraft weapon models
  • Minecraft player models
  • Minecraft HUD
  • Minecraft GUI
  • Full compatibility with all anticheats;
  • Performance optimization for good ping and FPS;
  • Full protection of the game client from all vulnerabilities.