CS 1.6 WaRzOnE

cs 1.6 warzone

CS 1.6 WaRzOnE download for free from our website cs16.info. You can test our Counter-Strike 1.6 WaRzOnE version steam free.CS 1.6 WaRzOnE is the most popular online team shooter in history, and for good reason, cs 1.6 release date was back in 2001 and after 20 years cs16 in 2021 is very popular,Our cswarzone client offers a lot of maps,servers,bots and original skins.

CS 1.6 Warzone Download

CS 1.6 WarZone is the most popular and downloaded counter-strike 1.6 version

Since the appearance of the game Warzone Cs 1.6 is the most popular Counter Strike 1.6 game in the series.

Shooter Counter-Strike 1.6 Warzone can be downloaded from our website directly

This client has a high-quality sounds, maps, related to WarZone CS 1.6 modification.


Release Date November 18, 2013.

Setup size 171 MB.

100% clean game cache files.

Includes latest CS 1.6 bots.

The client can also connect P47 P48 servers.

Dual Protocol (48 + 47) server is also included.

Working server browser, Internet, LAN and Favorite tabs.

Add the latest benefit -p v1.21p37.

Incorporating the latest AMX Mod X v1.8.2.

Engine version ( Build 4554).

Playable on LAN and Internet.

Works on windows XP,windows vista,windows7,windows8,windows8.1,windows10.

How to Download and Install CS 1.6 WarZone?

CS 1.6 WarZone is safe and clean without viruses and its fully protected and scanned with microsoft smart screen and windows defender.The Edition little different from other counter-strike 1.6 versions

Since the appearance of the game CS 1.6 WarZone is the most popular Counter Strike game in the series.

Counter-Strike 1.6 WarZone can be downloaded from our website directly

Cs 1.6 steam differs from cs 1.6. Steam games, which facilitates the game is blocked and has a lot of guards.Download CS 1.6 now and free and you wll get the best counter strike 1.6 online gameplay expirience for Free.

This client has a high-quality sounds, maps, related to Cs 1.6 modification.

Counter-Strike 1.6 WaRzOnE

Counter-Strike 1.6 WaRzOnE is a popular and exciting team shooting game for more than 12 years, with regular clashes between two sides: terrorists (bandits) and counterterrorists (police). The team of thugs is made up of representatives of various criminal groups from all over the world. The team of counterterrorists is also multinational and represented by soldiers from different special forces.

Combat operations at CS 1.6 WaRzOnE are deployed at a specific location, called a map, where bandits and police find out round after round for a certain amount of time which one is the best. In addition to taking into account team victories, each player can be individually distinguished by scoring the maximum number of points (opponent murders).

CSWaRzOnE, unlike its ancestor, Half-Life, does not have a strict storyline. As a result, the developers have managed to release a very suitable simulator special operation, limited only to the general team task, which is set by the map, where the "mess" occurs. At the beginning of each round players are given a certain amount of game money (usually $ 800), for which players need to buy a barrel (from a gun to a heavy sniper rifle) and equipment (from a flak jacket to a device for demining explosive devices). The winning team will be awarded additional game dollars and will be able to buy more expensive and efficient weapons and equipment.

In CS 1.6 WaRzOnE, there are several ways to win the round: either to kill all the opponents or to execute the card`s primary task, which, after all, is determined by the card itself. The most popular cards at the moment have the following primary tasks: to place and detonate a bomb (with the prefix "de_") and to withdraw hostages (with the prefix "cs_"). On de_- maps, terrorists try to penetrate a strategic object in order to lay an explosive device there and detonate it, while special forces need to prevent the installation of a bomb, or have time to disarm it. If the round is over and the terrorists are still alive, but the bomb has not been placed or neutralized, the victory is awarded to the team of counterterrorists. On the cs_ - maps, a police unit is required to find all the hostages and take them to a safe place. If the round is over and the SWAT team is still alive and the hostages have not been evacuated, the victory goes to the terrorists.

In order to fall in love with this game, just download CS 1.6 WaRzOnE from our website in any way convenient for you. You can download the game via direct link.Enjoy the game